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Creditors' Rights

The practice of Creditors' Rights spans multiple legal areas, but it all comes down to protecting your interests and maximizing recovery.

Legal Collections


Many debts referred for legal collection can and should be resolved amicably, but litigation can become the next necessary step. We treat settlements with the same attention to detail as more complex litigation. Our attorneys appear in Northern VA, MD, and DC.


Bankruptcy is not necessarily bad news. The Firm can help you navigate and comply with the federal and state rules protecting a debtor from immediate collection efforts, helping you understand the process and the remedies available to both secured and unsecured creditors.

Foreclosure & Real Estate Litigation


When loans secured by real estate become delinquent, they can cause significant frustration for the creditor. The Firm can assist creditors with the foreclosure process, or a loan workout agreement to forbear from foreclosure.

Repossession Compliance


The field of vehicle repossession in Maryland, Virginia and D.C area poses increasing risk to collections department staff. We can provide consultation on managing compliance to strive for preservation of deficiency claims through correct notices and avoidance of liability.

Credit Union Law


The Firm has assisted some of its credit union clients with issues like Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance, National Credit Union legal opinion guidance, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enforcement concerns, and supervisory committee complaint responses.

Complex Litigation


Sometimes even simple loans get complicated. We assist with issues like fraud, or other contract disputes and defense work.

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